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All these Active Content apps for Kindle are highly rated at 4-5 stars. They each have a different approach and some are harder than others. All will help track and report progress in different areas.

Flash Cards: Basic Math for Kids – basic math in flash card format. Great for younger elementary school ages.

Math Star – supports four users with beginning through advanced questions presented in a range of ways

Flash Cards: Fractions for Kids – not just flash cards. Multiple answer types and difficulty levels help with fractions from beginning to mastery.

Ultimate Math Skills Quiz – a broad range of questions in multiple choice format. Read our full review.


Spelling Star – despite its name, this is more than spelling drills. In includes exercises to identify the parts of a sentence and adjusts the difficulty as you progress.

Letter Landers – a very beginning game to help children learn their letters and some basic words

Scripps Spelling Bee: Word Games – not a spelling drill, but a set of three word games: word search, scramble and hangman. Arguably not an educational title exactly except that it works with words.

Flash Cards: Alphabet and Spelling for Kids – for younger children: what is the first letter of the pictured item. For older: spell the item shown.

Spelling Star Spanish Edition – a Spanish version of Spelling Star

Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz – 1000 questions is various formats for Shakespeare fans and scholars.



Flash Cards: Foods for Kids, Flash Cards: Animals for Kids – well regarded Flashcard apps for these topics. See our review.

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