Puzzle Baron’s Cryptograms: Volume 2
Developed By:  A Gamz

Cryptograms is a game that tests your deductive and word finding skills as Burberry Outlet UK manner   you decode a series of letters to reveal a hidden message!

Puzzle Baron’s Cryptograms is the 2nd volume of the highly rated PBC1 that scored 4.7/5 stars. Volume 2 contains 100 new quotations which are organized into some new and popular categories like Actors, Musicians, Scientists and U.S Presidents.

The second volume is equipped with special features that displays the remaining letters of a puzzle and even the letter frequencies! The ability to view the answers after completion Burberry Bikinis this juncture   has also been added to Cryptograms Volume 2.

The game has three difficulty levels, that will challenge the skills of beginners and seasoned players alike. Newer players can use the hints feature to help them solve the puzzles east inflatables china.

Once you successfully complete a puzzle, you’ll see a graph that shows the comparison of your time and the number of hints taken (if any) with other players who have completed the puzzle.

The game works perfectly well with all models of Kindle including the ones that are without keyboards.

This game has been brought to you by A Gamz, the publisher of this blog and the author of other great puzzle games like Maze-A-Thon and Kee-Ko’s Quest.

Summary of the completed puzzle

A screenshot during the game

The list of categories to choose from.

A complete guide to help you understand the Game.

Contents of the U.S Presidents Category

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