Puzzle Baron’s Cryptograms: Volume 2
Developed By:  A Gamz

Cryptograms is a game that tests your deductive and word finding skills as Burberry Outlet UK manner   you decode a series of letters to reveal a hidden message!

Puzzle Baron’s Cryptograms is the 2nd volume of the highly rated PBC1 that scored 4.7/5 stars. Volume 2 contains 100 new quotations which are organized into some new and popular categories like Actors, Musicians, Scientists and U.S Presidents.

The second volume is equipped with special features that displays the remaining letters of a puzzle and even the letter frequencies! The ability to view the answers after completion Burberry Bikinis this juncture   has also been added to Cryptograms Volume 2. Continue reading »


Triviac (A Quiz Game for Amazon Kindle)
Developed By: Alazar GmbH & Co. KG

Triviac is a quiz game for the Amazon Kindle which is somewhat similar to the TV Game ikoart VMAs manner   Show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Triviac incorporates over 1000 interesting questions from 10 different categories which are: US general knowledge, Sports general, Mixed Music, Famous People, Geography, Entertainment, History, Classic Movies, Literature, Science and Nature. You will be challenged with 15 randomly selected questions from these categories and each question is slightly more difficult than the previous one.

Just in time for Halloween are several themed titles of existing Kindle favorites!

Futoshiki Halloween Edition - This amazing game for Amazon Kindle comes with a Burberry Trousers came out to  twist as witches and zombies take over in a graveyard game board. The rules of Futoshiki remain simple but the game is challenging and  is very addictive. Comes with a collection of 120 spooky puzzles is grouped into four different sets ranging from easy to expert.

Ultimate Halloween Quiz - Another interesting game for Kindle which is packed with hundreds of scary questions. Questions topics include horror movies, Halloween facts, scary novels, gruesome history, magical creatures, myths and legends. Comes with a Timer Mode to challenge your knowledge against time!

Mahjong Solitaire Halloween Edition - Enjoy this scary yet fun filled  Burberry Outlet UK from be  version of the The Mahjong Solitaire (Halloween Edition) for Kindle. It gives you 13 different game board layouts to choose from and two special Halloween tile sets east Inflatables.

Blossom Halloween Edition - Blossom Halloween Edition for Kindle challenges you to create a network of pipes to feed your Jack-O-Lanterns with potion from the witch’s pot. Comes with 120 different puzzles for you to enjoy on your Amazon Kindle!

You’ll love them all! So hurry up and buy them before the sale ends!

Mystery Castle: Dawn of Illusion
Developed By: Runestone Games Limited

Mystery Castle is a puzzle game of excellent artistic standards and great playability. You play the wizard Monty, who is trying to get through all the rooms in the castle. Each level of Mystery Castle contains keys, locked doors and five skulls that you must collect before you get to the next level. To do this, you need to move things around in the right order and think carefully about what goes where and when. Continue reading »

Mahjong Butterfly is the first Kindle game released by Namco Networks America. It is a crafted implementation of the game of Mahjong Solitaire with a Butterfly theme.  This theme creates the goal of collecting caterpillars (i.e. matching tiles), then feeding them (more tile matching) and finally watching them hatch with the goal of getting the entire set and viewing them in your ‘Encyclopedia’ or as part of the ‘Statistics’. The game has detailed help and lovely custom images. Continue reading »


Jewels matching game for KindleJewels is a new matching game for Kindle from the popular publisher Mobigloo (Mahjong SolitaireNext Puzzle Game and others). Its is described by one reviewer as ‘reminiscent of Bejeweled .. the mother of the Match-3 game craze‘.  It is fully featured, with both un-timed and timed modes, and both have a top 10 scoreboard. Hints are provided, but they cost you points.

Jewel Quest Solitaire is a solitaire card game by a new-to-Kindle publisher, iWin. They’ve ported their highly rated Jewel Quest Solitaire game and it looks excellent. You can play a trial game online to get a feel for it first (and read the rave reviews). Unusually for the Kindle, its played in landscape mode.


Jigsaw Words is Amazon’s most recent free app. This joins a growing set of free Active Content games, and has been an instant success. This “picture review” shows how the app works from beginning to end.

Jigsaw Words opens with a Table of Contents

Jigsaw Words opens with a Table of Contents. Play takes you to the Categories screen shown below. Tutorial starts the very first game. Instructions goes to the six page guide.


The categories all have a different theme

The categories all have a different theme and you can see in this list how many of each you have completed.


Each category has ten unique puzzles

Each category has ten unique puzzles corresponding to the theme. As you finish each puzzle the titles of subsequent puzzles are shown. This adds a bit of excitement!


The first page of the guide explains the rules.

The first page of the guide explains the rules. The following pages explain the various keyboard shortcuts, some tips and the menu options.


Playing the game after asking for a hint.

Playing the game after asking for a hint. You can solve the clues in any order. Tip: Start with the easy ones first so there are less tiles to choose from for the hard clues!


Pressing the Menu key gives shows the options available while playing.

Pressing the Menu key gives shows the options available while playing.


Sudoku Works is the latest of many Sudoku puzzle apps released for the Kindle. Unlike the other puzzles, however, this is an “unlimited” set of puzzles at multiple levels. The style of play in each of these games is slightly different. Not surprisingly, this one matches the Sudoku game found in the Puzzle Pack 1 also made by Oak Systems Leisure Software.

The navigation is well done. You can use the top row of letters as keys (Q=1, W=2, etc), or navigate using the 5-Way controller using the grid at the bottom right by using the Select key to move between the puzzle grid and the choice grid (see the screenshot).

Pressing the Menu key shows the many options available for Sudoku Works

Pressing the Menu key shows the many options available

The Menu key controls the many options in the game such as hiding the timer, selecting Undo, highlighting mistakes, “pencil marks”, clear all, show solution, and pause the timer.  Although there are many possible puzzles, each one comes with a code on the bottom that you can share with others so they can play the same game. A thoughtful touch.

We’re not expert enough in Sudoku to judge the appropriateness of the 5 difficulty levels, but when combined with the grid sizes available of 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 9×9 and the millions of combinations, this is certain to satisfy most Sudoku players!


Table of Contents for Sudoku Works

Table of Contents

The 4x4 level of Sudoku Works in the middle of a game.

The 4x4 level in the middle of a game.


The following 12 games are one sale for another 2 days. 99 cents is a big discount for all these titles and its a great time to get them before they return to their regular price: Doodle Fit (review), Word Quest (review), Puzzle Baron’s Cryptograms: Volume 1 (review), SlingoPOGO Hearts, Spades and More!Triple TownKee-Ko’s QuestKenKen Vol. 1 Presented by Will ShortzPanda PoetEA SudokuYAHTZEESCRABBLE

If you have any interest in the classic games like SCRABBLE and YAHTZEE, this is a great time to grab them as they’re normally $4.99. Slingo, Triple TownEA Sudoku and POGO Hearts, Spades and More! are normally $3.99. Panda Poet is normally $2.99. The rest are regularly $1.99.

Which sale will be next? These discount sales are a regular mechanism that must be working for Amazon and the publishers, judging by their regular appearance and the way the top 100 app rank changes while they’re running. It certainly is a great time to purchase these apps at a good price.


Do you have an electronic address book somewhere, or possibly in multiple places?  A few hundred contacts in Microsoft Outlook, or a collection at Yahoo Mail? Or perhaps you have a smartphone and have imported everything into GMail or Apple Mail? Contacts, a new app for Kindle, will let you quickly transfer all those contacts to your Kindle. And then, as fast as you can type, it will search and show you the matching contacts on the Kindle’s wonderful E Ink display. (Click here for import instructions.)

Contacts lets you update and enter new information directly on the Kindle and also export the data so you can load it into any other address book that supports the popular vCard format. It will let you store and edit the following fields:

Search for "car"

Search results update as you type each letter

  • name
  • multiple addresses
  • multiple phone numbers
  • multiple emails
  • multiple organization and titles
  • nickname
  • a lengthy notes field

All these fields are instantly searchable as you type. The super flexible search makes the notes field particularly useful. The search is also great for answering the “What was his name again?” questions as you can search by other fields like address or the area code of the phone number.

Whether you have a set of contacts already or would like to start collecting them on your Kindle, Contacts is a great solution.

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